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Discussions on Selected Topics for Meditation

Nice realization on compassion of Virgin Mary 09/29 Estefanny Hernandez Personal experience
26  Qualities of a devotee 09/28 Manoj Lecture by Srila Prabhupada
Para Dukha Duki 09/28 Manoj Lecture by HH Radhanath Maharaj
True Compassion, Empathy, and Prayer 09/26 Cakrapani Das  
Empathy 09/25 Hardik HH Romapada 
Notes on sunday feast lecture 09/24 Krpa Mayi Das Lecture by Sriman Balabhadra Prabhu
Comments on Discipline 09/07 Hardik  
Discipline 09/05 Jaya Govardhan Das  
More on Discipline 09/05 Hardik  
The Purpose and Celebration of Discipline 09/01 Manoj  
Disciplinary Thoughts 09/01 Hardik